The gardens were formed in 1979 on the site of the old railway line.

The line opened in 1888 and ran from Acton and Chiswick High Road.

A history of the line with some modern pictures can be found here.

At the top of our strip of land was Woodstock Road Halt and at the bottom was  Bath Road Halt.

The land lying between Emlyn and Abinger Roads was acquired by Hammersmith Council who entered into a self management agreement with the trustees of an organisation to be named Emlyn Leisure Gardens Association. The trustees and the Management committee are all plotholders who voluntarily act as agents for the council and are fully responsible for the administration of the gardens.

The French Impressionist, Camille Pissarro lived on the South Side of Bath Road around the late 1890s and completed several works featuring the railway line and the bridge at Bath Road. Two of his paintings are shown below – all of his works can be found here http://www.camille-pissarro.org/

Full details of Woodstock Road Halt with more pictures

Full details of Bath Road Halt with some more pictures